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 Research collaborations for water safety.


Often the IHS Laboratory collaborates with other organisations taking up mostly action research projects that require water quality testing. Following are some examples of collaborative project in which the IHS Laboratory has participated.

Institute of Perception Studies and IHS: Water quality in and around Hyderabad

          Institute of perception studies Institute of Perception Studies (IPS) is a Delhi based non-profit organisation and works for poverty alleviation and rural and urban distress reforms. IPS undertakes research on rural and urban distress. As part of research, IPS took up the study to know the water quality in the borewells and in direct supply of municipal water in and around Hyderabad. IPS has approached IHS to test the water including interpretation for their assessment. The study has been started in Aug 2021.

EPTRI and IHS: Status Report on State Specific Action Plan for Water Sector: Telangana State

          The Environment Protection and Training Institute (EPTRI) was commissioned by the Government of Telangana to prepare the state specific action plan for water sector as in accordance with the terms of reference (ToR) issued by Government of India, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation. As a part of this activity, EPTRI had to prepare a status-, interim- and final-reports in three phases. By May 2017, EPTRI had prepared draft of the first phase stratus report. The Institute of Health System contributed towards finalisation of this stage by taking up a detailed review of the draft status report with specific inputs for finalisation of the report.

Fresh Water Action Network, South Asia and IHS: Study on Sanitation, Wastewater and Septage Management

          Fresh Water Action Network (FWAN), South Asia in collaboration with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIU), GoI has initiated a study on Sanitation, Wastewater and Septage Management systems on a pilot basis across 5 States in the country including Telangana to strengthen its SCBP (Sanitation Capacity Building Platform) initiative. Siddipet town has been selected for the project in Telangana for the assessment. As part of the assessment, the study team requested IHS in 2018 to undertake water quality testing in various locations of Siddipet town for; (1) Ground Water Potability (GPT)Test for the water from Borewells, (2) COD and BOD for the water from Lakes or rivers. IHS has collected 9 samples for GPT and 5 for COD and BOD and furnished the reports for the assessment by FWAN.

Center For People’s Forestry and IHS: Drinking water quality in rural area

          Center For People’s Forestry (CPF) working for Promoting capacities, diversifying skills, and enhancing livelihood security of the marginalised sections among the forest and rural communities. Before planning an intervention, CPF carries out action research to understand the situation at all levels, identify gaps and define the role to be played by CPF and other stakeholders in it. As part of the action research, CPF commissioned IHS in 2017 to test the water samples in rural areas to know the water quality for drinking. IHS has tested 55 water samples for Ground water potability collected from borewells in Achampet and Adilabad areas of Telangana and gave the interpretation on the suitability of water for drinking.

Gurunanak Institutions - Civil Engineering Dept. and IHS: Water quality in a watershed area

          Civil Engineering Department of Gurunanak Institutions, Ibrahimpatnam of Ranga Reddy district took up the study under UGC Minor Research Project to know the water quality in Eliminetivagu watershed area. The institute has commissioned IHS in 2016 to collect the samples from borewells in the villages falling in water shed area for ground water quality test. IHS has collected 30 water samples, tested for GQT and furnished the reports to include in their study report.

Center for World Solidarity and IHS: Potability of Groundwater in Anantapur and Warangal Districts

          In 2014, the Center for World Solidarity (CWS) wanted to test for potability of groundwater (GPT) in various gram panchayats of Anantapur and Warangal districts. This was an action research project on sustainable groundwater management. Their team was trained by IHS, in water sample collection, storage and transportation to laboratory. After training they were provided with sample collection bottles, along with written guides for reference, samples to laboratory within 24 hours. All 47 samples were received from them were tested reports furnished to CWS for appropriate intervention.

World Vision India and IHS: Safe drinking water in remote areas using locally sourced groundwater and reverse osmosis (RO) technology

          In 2014, the World Vision India (WVI), had a project to deliver safe drinking water in remote areas using locally sourced groundwater and reverse osmosis (RO) technology. The IHS laboratory deployed water quality investigators to collect sample from the field, transport them to laboratory in appropriate packing, analyse and furnish test results to WEVI. Samples were collected from 35 villages in Bhokpur block of Nanded district of Maharashtra, and 12 villages in Korukonda Mandal of East Godavari district. More samples were collected in 2016 to 2017, from Kandukur in Prakasam District, Vijayanagaram, Achampet/Shadnagar area of Mahbubnagar district and a few from Hyderabad city.

RWTH Aachen University, Germany and IHS: Scenario Analysis for Protection of Water Resources with Regard to Urban Development in Varanasi and Hyderabad

           Ms. Nina Engels, was a student of RWTH Aachen University, Germany who was pursuing post-graduation in Geo-resources Management took up the research topic, “Scenario Analysis for Protection of Water Resources with Regard to Urban Development in Varanasi and Hyderabad”. For her research topic, she focused on urban development, in particular water quality and water supply. She designed the study which includes taking water samples from different study areas all around the cities from public hand pumps, taps, rivers, lakes and private bore wells, so as to cover nearly all sources where people in India get their water from. On request from Ms.Nina Engels, IHS has accepted the job and deputed the water quality investigators for collection of samples at the sources which were identified by Ms. Nina Engels. She impressed about the standard procedure of preparation of sample collection kit, skills in collection of water samples by the water quality investigators during accompanying the investigators. The sampled water bottles were transported within six hours and deposited at the IHS laboratory for testing. The test reports were prepared and furnished for each sample to Ms. Nina Engels for including the thesis.

IIT Delhi, ICRISAT and IHS: Study on Manjira River Watershed

          Study on Godavari River basin and the Manjira river watershed for the effects of climate change A pilot drainage (sub-basin) of the Godavari river basin, namely the Manjira sub-basin has been selected by IIT, Delhi for development of scenarios and impact assessment. As part of the pilot study, IIT Delhi has approached the Institute of Health Systems in Sep 2010 for sampling of water in the Manjira river basis for testing various parameters. At the local level, the scientist from ICRISAT has coordinated with IHS on behalf of IIT Delhi. IHS has collected the samples and tested for surface profile test including COD and BOD (got tested from other labs). The test results were disseminated to IIT Delhi to include in the study.



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