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IHS Water Quality Testing Laboratory Support to SuGWM Project implemented by Center for World Solidarity.

           Center for World Solidarity has utilised the services of IHS Water Quality Testing Laboratory (WQTL) for Ground Water Potability Test (GPT) under Sustainable Ground Water Management Project (SuGWM). This project attempts to address the inequalities in access to water for drinking and agriculture and promote efficient water use methods through community-based actions and sustainable methods of resource governance at local level in selected project areas.

A key innovation by the laboratory is the design of Water Sample Collection Kit. Pre-sterilised bottles are packed in polythene bags along with Water Sample Collection guides, Sample Collection Record, and a carry bag to easily transport the sample to the laboratory. This design helped the SuGWM project personnel to transport the water sample within 24 hours from the faraway project areas i.e Anantapur and Warangal districts.           



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