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Health Informatics Infrastructure(HII) in India


Certificate Course in Health Care Software Development


Information technology is the fastest growing sector in the world. As part of its mission, Institute of Health Systems recognizes the importance of educating software professionals as well as the general public to better understand the potential benefits of the uses of information technology in the healthcare arena. To accomplish its mission, IHS introduced the Course called "Health Care Software Development". The Institute designed HCSD course the following contents..

Course content:
  1. Health system components and their relationships.
  2. Hospital Information System in Medicare.
  3. Computerised Patient Records.
  4. Networking Essentials:
  1. Network Components
  2. Network Card, MAC Address and Other Addressing Schemes
  3. OSI and 802 Networking models
      v. TCP/IP Fundamentals
     vi. Windows Sockets & TCP/IP Ports Programming.
Overview of
  1. Software Engineering
  2. Database Designing.
  3. Software Testing
  4. SQL Queries
Rotatory attachment with a hospital / clinic to familiarise with operations at different locations.
  1. Nursing station
  2. Pharmacy / Store
  3. Laboratory / X-Ray
  4. Outpatient / Reception
  5. Casualty
  1. Health Level Seven (HL7).
  2. Code sets & EDI Standards (International Classification of Diseases, Current Procedure Terminology, etc.)
Advance VB Programming Skills.
  1. Active X Controls
  2. Active X DLLs
  3. Winsock Control
  4. MS-Chart Control
  5. Help Workshop
  6. Package and Development Wizard
  7. Development Uninstall Module
  8. Utilization of Package and Deployment Wizard in Application.
  1. IHS Application Demo
  2. Hospital management Information System
  3. Documentation & Writing Skills
  4. Personality Development Skills
Critical appraisal of an existing software in healthcare fields and project work.
  1. Successful candidates will be placed as Software Engineer Interns in facilities with software development and maintenance work.
  2. Placement is assured to all successful candidates
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