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 IHS Announces its 4th Batch of CHISA


 Certificate Course in Health Intranet System Administration



Build a promising career in 'Health Informatics'. The Institute of Health Systems (IHS) offers a state-of-the-art training programme to cater to the system administration needs of modern health care organisations. This certificate course has 3 months of intensive full time training followed by 12 months of on the job internship. The Institute has successfully completed 3 batches of CHISA with very good placement record.
AP BC Study Circle has agreed to sponsor Rs.10,000/- for the eligible candidates.         SC Finance corporation has agreed to sponsor full amount of the course fees for the eligible candidates.Scholarships are also available for meritorious and needy students.
  Application Deadline          :  29th July, 2002.  
  Course Starts on                 :  1st August, 2002.  
  Prospectus Price  : Rs. 100/-  
  Late application   : Rs. 150/-  
  Late Registration  : Rs. 500/-  
  Click Here for more details about the course   
  Download Prospectus in       PDF format                      Zip format  
  Download Application in      PDF format                      Zip format  
Note : If you want to select PDF format, right click on the link and select the "Save Target As" option, and save the file on your local hard disk. If you select the Zip file, you will have to follow the same procedure as the PDF file to save the Zip file on your local hard disk, You will require WinZip or any other unzip utility to extract the file.

For further details: A.Padmaja, Training Services Officer.                                               E-mail:


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