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Organisation & Structure.

Mission and Goals:

The Institute of Health System (IHS) mission is to groom skills, gather evidence and generate knowledge, for better health systems that would improve people's health. IHS Mission The IHS is founded on the principle of Multi-disciplinarity, Interdisciplinary wok, Health Systems Research, Application and Services for Public Health.

Organisational Structure:

The Institute is governed by a system of authorities consisting of the Board of Governors (BOG), the General Body (GB) and the Executive Council (EC). The General Body and the Board of Governors meet annually. The Executive Council oversees management of the Institute, appoints the Director and the Finance Officer. Office Bearers of the Institute consist of the Chairman and the President. The Chairman presides over the meetings of the Board of Governors and the General Body. The President chairs the Executive Council and, in the absence of the Chairman, the General Body. IHS Mission