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The Institute of Health Systems is located in the Sivananda Rehabilitation Home Campus (SRH), Kukatpally, Hyderabad. The SRH-Gate is in-between Kukatpally and KPHB Metro stations on the Red-line, opposite Metro Pillar A788. The SRH Gate is a 3-minute walk from the Kukatpally Metro Station. Look for sign posting to the Institute of Health Systems and IHS Laboratory. Another 2-minute walk from the SRH Gate.

If you are driving, as you travel from under Kukatpally metro station towards KPHB metro station, veer to left lane, pass the district bus stops and look for the SRH main gate on the left side.
The Ram Dev Rao Hospital, which is well known in Kukatpally area is adjacent to the SRH campus. The SRH main gate comes first, followed by gates of the Aakar Asha and the Ram Dev Rao Hospitals, one after the other.


For The Institute of Health Systems: +91 40- 23210136, 23210139 (Landlines)
For IHS Laboratory:   +91 98480 11251 (Mobile); 

+91 40 23211013, 23211014 (Land Lines)

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