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 Collaboration of IHS and World Vision India (WVI) for planning 

 RO water plants at yhe Locations, where water is not safe for drinking.

           IHS has actively undertaken the project from World Vision India(WVI), an international NGO for ground water analysis where, it planned to check the ground water quality from their planned areas.The project carried out in 2 selected areas of WVI. One set of sample testing was done in 35 villages of Bhokar block of Nanded district, Maharastra and another set of sample testing was done in 12 villages of Korukonda mandal of East Godavari district, AP. The samples in these 2 places were collected and transported to the IHS lab as per the protocol. The key innovative design of IHSis water sample collection kit with presterilized sample bottles that are packed in polythene bags along with water sample collction guides, samples collection record and a carry bag to easily transport the sample to the laboratory. For the sample collection and transport, the tarined IHS staff were personally deployed to the places planned by WVI. The main idea of this project is to plan for establishing RO Plants where the ground water was not safe to use, so that the individuals can have access to safe water for drinking and other domestic purposes. IHS successfully made easy the job of WVI for planning the RO plants in the required places by collecting the water samples, analsye and furnishing the report on the water quality.       



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