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 Water Quality Testing Services ... 


Fast Sample Collection Service (FCS)

Same as above, but the response time will be within one business day.

Emergency Sample Collection Service (ECS)

Same as above, but the response time will be immediate. Sample collector will reach as soon as possible, or within 2 hours.

Sanitary Survey of Source (SNS)

The laboratory will depute appropriately trained personnel to visit a water source and do sanitary survey of following types of sources using appropriate sanitary information form developed by the Institute based on WHO recommended formats. Forms WS-1 to 6 mentioned below are given in the IHS publication titles "A manual on Control of Gastroenteritis with special reference to Andhra Pradesh, India", 2001 by Prasanta Mahapatra and Samatha Reddy. These or their latest updates, if any, will be used as guide to the survey.

Water Source Type

Sanitary Inspection Form

Dug Well  WS-1
Bore Well / Tube Well  WS-2
Piped Water Supply System (PWS)  WS-3
Water Tanker Truck Distribution System  WS-4
Intakes from Reservoirs, Streams and Rivers  WS-5
Water Treatment Plant  WS-6
Service charge estimates will depend on the location of the source, number of sources in a cluster, the level of details required under general comments, and the nature of follow up action expected of the laboratory.
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