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 Water Quality Testing Services ... 


 Bottled Water Integrity Test (BIT)

This is a basic test to check for integrity of packaged water. Generally yeast and molds (fungus) would grow, if the bottling (packaging) process is defective, or the packed (bottled) water has been stored longer than its designed life. Hence this test checks for presence of Yeast & Moulds in bottled water.
A. Sample Required:
Sealed packaged water sample with name of the brand, batch no, date of expiry. Should be delivered at the laboratory with sample collection record. 
B. Test Duration:
It takes 168 hrs to confirm the presence or absence of yeast and molds in water sample because it takes nearly seven days for fungus to grow in a water sample.
C. Report Details:
1. Whether Yeast and Molds are present or absent.

2. Interpretation, based on test result details in the manufacturer's label and sample collection record.



Fluoride Analysis of Water (FLD)

Excess fluoride gives rise to a condition called Dental Fluorosis in children and Skeletal Fluorosis in adults. Ground water from borewells etc may contain excess fluoride. This Fluoride analysis of water test estimates the quantity of fluoride in water and determines if it is in within tolerable limits
A. Sample Required:
1. Atleast 100 ml of water collected in a glass or polypropylene bottle.

2. Domestic glass bottles can be used. Clean the bottle with soap water, rinse in plain water and dry it before use. Fix an ordinary self adhesive label to note sample collection date, time and source.

3. Or use IHS water collection bottle 125 ml (B125).

4. The sample should be accompanied by a Water Sample Collection Record (WCR1) and a Test Requisition Letter (TRL1).

B. Test Duration: 24hrs.
C. Report Details:
1. Fluoride content in water as mg per litre.

2. Interpretation, based on test results and sample collection record.

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