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 Water Quality Testing Services ... 


Alum Quality Test (AQT)

If surface water such as tanks, river, or lake water is the source for water supply system, alum is used to remove turbidity. Quality of alum to be tested depends on its alumina content.

Alum grade and expected Alumina in %

Grade-I 17 %
Grade-II  15%
A. Sample Required:
Minimum 100 gms of Alum in a sealed polyethylene (LDPE) cover, delivered at the laboratory, with sample collection record or Deliver the product in its original package, in this case a sample can be taken by the laboratory for testing and rest of the product can be collected by the consumer.
B. Test duration: 24 hours
C. Report Details: Alumina content in % by mass.

Sample Collection Service (SCS)

The laboratory will depute a trained person to collect water sample from the client designated premises any where in Hyderabad District. The visit will be within seven days, according to mutually agreed day and time. The sample collector will come with lab prepared sample collection bottle, required stationary. (S)he will collect the sample, fill the water sample collection bottle, record, assist the client in filling up of the Test Requisition Letter, and carry the sample to the laboratory.
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