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Background Note on

Costs of Poor Health Habits

World Health Day - 7 April, 2002


India as well as Andhra Pradesh are experiencing an epidemiological transition. We find that prevalence of non communicable diseases is on the rise. Appropriate choice of positive and healthy life style is fundamental to prevention of many non communicable diseases. Keeping this in view the WHO have identified the theme "move for health" for the World Health Day celebrations on 7 April, 2002. The "move for health" theme refers to the need for regular exercise and avoidance of sedentary life style. In the public health symposium the IHS highlighted these three important risk factors all linked to life style of our people. These are regular exercise, moderate drinking, and no smoking. Poor health habits such as sedentary life style, smoking and binge drinking impose personal as well as external costs. Personal costs are by way of reduced life expectancy, poor quality of life and burden on the family. External costs are on account of increased usage of health care services, increased risk to the life of others. For example a large number of deaths due to road traffic accidents are attributable to drunk driving. The symposium brought together top public health experts to summarise available evidence about sedentary life style, heavy drinking and smoking as risk factors of various health problems and potential impact of positive life style choices such as regular exercise, moderate drinking or no drinking and no smoking on people's health and the country's economy.


To live longer and have a healthy life, learn more about the details through the expert's presentations. 


His Excellency Dr. C. Rangarajan, Governor of AP was the Chief Guest and gave the inaugural address. In the inaugural address Governor Dr. Rangarajan  addressed the audience and focused on having regular exercise as  part of a daily routine.   More about the Speech.   Click Here     



After the inaugural session, the session on Costs of Sedentary Life Style was started by Dr.Somaraju, famous cardiologist. He emphasised that lack of regular exercise is one of  the most important risk factor for heart diseases .For the speaker presentation     Click Here.



The second speaker of Sedentary Life Style Dr. Bapuji, Naturopath spoke on yogic exercise and its benefits. Can a person afford lethargy? Learn about the risks by viewing his presentation Click Here


The second session was on Costs of Heavy Drinking.                                         Dr. Gururaj, Prof. NIMHANS spoke on alcohol injuries and brought light on the ill effects of drinking.                                                                                                                For the statistics on the drinking Click Here.    


The second speaker on heavy drinking Dr. Majeed Khan, famous psychiatrist, spoke on psychological and sociological aspects of   alcoholics.
How life can be dreadful, if you are an alcoholicClick Here for Presentation.


The third session was on Smoking. 

The first speaker Dr. Prakash Chandra Gupta, Senior Research Scientist, spoke about the life threatening consequences and costs of tobacco use.                                       For more details Click Here



The second speaker of smoking, Dr.Vijai Kumar, Director, Division Polumonary Medicine, spoke on government taking stringent measures to control smoking.Is the only way to stop smoking is through law & order? Click Here for Speaker Presentation.


The Symposium finally ended with valedictory session.


Dr. Mahapatra, Director, IHS said that the registered participants were an indicators of growing public interest in the symposium topics and thanked them for their participation.

Dr. Hrishikesh, Chairman, IHS also emphasized the need for having a healthy life. 

Special Invitee Mr. Sunil Nandaraj, WHO country office representative thanked the IHS for bringing experts and interested public together and for conducting such successful events.

The symposium ended with vote of thanks by Vijayalakshmi.

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