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(Andhra Pradesh Health Institutions Database)    

Andhra Pradesh Health Institutions Data base (APHIDB) is a data base of Health Care Institutions (HCI’s) in AP maintained by the IHS. The data base comprises of HCI’s in:


The public sector


The private sector


The non-profit, voluntary sector

It contains the following information about the HCI’s in the state: Hospital name, address, city, district, place status, number of beds, tier class, year of establishment, type of management, type of ownership, services provided, clientele served, etc.

APHIDB is an effort to make the comprehensive information available about HCI’s in a structured way. This data base was setup in the year 1993 with information collected from state wide survey conducted by Directorate of Health. Since then IHS has been making efforts to update the data base and enrich its information content.

APHIDB data is used as a sampling frame of HCI’s to facilitate health systems research. It is also being used as a planning tool to produce outputs like mandal wise or assembly constituency wise lists of all Public HCI’s for the government officials.

The APHIDB is made available by IHS over its local area network to visiting public, researchers and health policy analysts for reference. This is the only electronic database in India of HCI’s in a state with access to public. Standard queries to generate summaries by hospital location, size or type of service etc. are provided. Special queries have been written to meet specific requirements of researchers. Mostly people have used the data base to generate list of hospitals at a chosen place. IHS has already developed methodological tools for validation and maintenance of the data base.



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