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Past Important Events

    Participation of IHS President in Second Global Symposium on Health Systems Research.

   *  The Case for Case -Control Studies in Medical  Research    

  *  Recognition of IHS as Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (SAIRO)
  *  Review of EMRI Model of Emergency Response Services (ERS) in Andhra Pradesh

  Behavioral Tracking Survey (BTS) among high risk groups in Guntur and Srikakulam             

       Districts of AP (On going)

  Study of Vital Statistics System in AP & its contribution towards monitoring & evaluation  

       of NRHM goals

  Availability of Medical Officers In Primary Health Centers (PHCs) of AP

  Participation of IHS President and Director in First Global Symposium on HSR

  An Overview of the Sample Registration System in India

  Health Budget & Expenditure Tracking for AP and MP - Commissioned by NHSRC 

  Collaborative effort with Jackson State University on Joint Research 

  Population Dynamics and Public Policy. A Presentation by Dr. Prasanta Mahapatra 

  Dr.Amar Jesani meets IHS Client and Stakeholders 

  New Director Joins the Institute 

  Camp Public Health Lab Starts work on School Health Project 

  Health Status Assessment of Primary School Children for Educational Interventions 

  Lecture Demonstration of Intestinal Nematode Identification in Stool Sample by IPM       Microbiologist 

  Family Health Protection Plans for India
  NIN Scientist Visits IHS and Demonstrates Dried Blood Spot Preparation and Haemoglobin        Estimation
  Statutes for NTRUHS Masters in Public Health Receives assent of the Governor
  State Government Allots Land for IHS College of Public Health  
  "Public Health: Issues & Challenges" presentation by Director IHS at the 91st Induction
Training Program for IAS Officers.
    IHS Faculty provide training to DCO's on VA forms
  *  Malaria Research Centre Silver Jubilee Symposium
  *   Health Intranet System Administration Course          
    Healthcare Software Development Course  
    Director meets Union Minister for Health
    US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) invites IHS Faculty
    IHS conducts Public Health Symposium on Costs of Poor Health Habits 
    WHO Team Visits the Institute
    PMO Invites IHS Director for Comments on New National Health Policy
    PHS conducted on World Health Day
    BoD & Socioeconomic Impact of HIV/AIDS
    Alliance for Health Policy & Systems Research



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