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IHS Library Tariff


Type and Eligibility



Personal Library Membership (PLM)

  Any individual with two valid identifications one of which should be a photo id. Library access privilege is non transferable. 1,000

Institutional Annual Library Membership (IALM)

  An unit of any organisation, institution, corporation. Membership request should be signed by head of the unit or such other authorised correspondent. Two cards are issued to the Institution. Library access privilege is transferable among the institutions employees. Persons wanting to access the library using Institutional membership should present the membership card and a valid identity card issued by their institution. 5,000

Casual Library Membership (CLM)

  Persons with two valid Ids one of which should be a photo Id. Valid for one month or part there off. Library access privilege is non transferable. 300
  1. 50% discount of Personal Annual Library Membership Fee for (a) General Body Members and (b) Full time students in any educational institution. Proof of current student status required.
  2. Employees of the Institute will have automatic library membership during the course of their employment. The employee id will be valid to access the library.
  3. Participants in short term training programs have casual library membership automatically upon completion of the registration formalities. The Id issued for the program will be valid in library.

Service charges:        

Photocopying up to 20 pages Per Page 2
Photocopying more than 20 pages Per Page 2.5
Photocopying more than 50 pages Per Page 3
            Note: Additional charges may apply for copying on to un size papers
  1. Working Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 am to 7 pm.
  2. Photo Id such as the IHS Id card required for access to library services.
  3. Reference books are not issued outside of the IHS premises and can not be photocopied.
  4. Issuable books will be issued against caution money deposit 1.5 times cost of the book or as fixed by librarian. Full time employees after the provisional period and before beginning of separation process are exempt from caution money deposit.
  5. Issued books should be returned within the time set by the librarian or five days which ever is less. Delayed return would attract charges @ Rs. 5/- per day per item and may be a ground for loss or suspension of library privilege.
  6. Tampering of library materials will attract appropriate punitive charge and may be ground for loss or suspension of library privilege.
  7. Limit oral communications in library to enquiries with library personnel. Talking and discussion among library users is not allowed. Gossiping is prohibited.
  8. The Librarian may levy token or punitive charges for violation of library code of conduct.

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