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IHS Guidelines for Development of Colleges of Public Health and Masters Program in Public Health


Recently, there is a lot of interest from different quarters for development of capacity in public health. For example; the Public Health Foundation of India (PFHI) has since been set up with support from Government of India. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is making efforts to strengthen health system capacity by encouraging management education in the field of health and hospital administration. A program for health system capacity development is being taken up by the MoHFW with support from the World Bank Institute.

These guidelines developed on the basis of insights gained from the Instituteís experimental APH program, its interactions with the UHS and the University of Iowa , and study of relevant literature, are being made available to assist and facilitate development of public health capacity in India [1].

Guidelines are meant to facilitate development and determine a course of action. The significance and usefulness of any set of guidelines are linked to itís relevance to specific situations, feasibility, and fairness to various stake holders. Consequently, any guideline needs to evolve on the basis of experience, informed subscription, and shared understanding of their usefulness. Hence IHS encourages, comments, criticism, suggestions for improvement of these guidelines. Organizational and individual participation towards further development of these guidelines are welcome[2]. Updated versions of these guidelines will be released by the Institute, as and when appropriate.


Click here to download IHS Guidelines for Development of Colleges of Public Health and Masters Program in Public Health

[1]These guidelines were drafted by Prasanta Mahapatra (, and CK George ( The draft has been internally reviewed by various faculty of the Institute, including Dr. T. Dayakar, Dr. Satish Kumar, Dr. Subodh Kandamuthan.

[2]Please indicate your interest, and direct your comments and criticism to the Director, Institute of Health Systems, HACA Bhavan, Hyderabad, AP 50004; Fax: 040-23241567, Tel: 040-23210136, 23210139, Email:




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