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Human Resources 
The Institute, as on date:24 Jul 2021, has a total of 34 persons in various categories as shown here.
Category of personnel Persons
Faculty & Coordinators
   Full time Faculty 2
   Consultants 1
   Voluntary / Visiting faculty 1
Research & Lab Personnel
   Research Assistants 2
   Microbiologist/Chemical/Joint Analysts 3
   Water Quality Investigators 12
Fellow, Intern & Apprentices
   Interns 8
General Support Personnel
   Front Office Staff 1
Service Provider Personnel
   System Administrators:
  Existing DPO's Handles System Administration
Other Service Personnel 5
All 34


Computing Resources:
A. IHS Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide area network (WAN):
1. The 28 work stations and 3 Network printers on Windows NT network is supported by a team of full time system administrators.
2. Linux Mail & DNS Server are supported on 512 Kbps Wireless leased line.
3. IHS resources include health informatic standards, public domain software etc. and they can be accessed through the Institute web site
4. IHS Intranet web site provides a knowledge base to faculty in relevant areas.
B. Personal workstations and software:
1. All faculty and staff are provided PC workstations connected to the Institute’s LAN and networked printers.
2. Software resources include, both Lotus Smartsuite and MS Office, Statistical applications, Tally package etc..
3. Software development platforms like C, C++, Visual Studio, Java etc.. are available.


C. Databases: 
1. The AP Health Institutions Database (APHIDB) contains basic identifying information about all health care delivery institutions in Andhra Pradesh, including public, private and voluntary sector institutions.
2. Medflor-India is a database of medicinal flora in India. At present the database has complete, published ethnobotanical information from Andhra Pradesh.
D. Computer lab facility: 
1. Up to two labs, with a total capacity of 30 nodes, are operated during training programmes that require computer support


Library and Bibliographic Resources:
1. The library has a collection of books and periodicals mostly in the area of health economics, health informatics, community health, quality assurance in health, health services research, health policy studies, vital and health statistics. A computerized catalogue is available for easy retrieval.
2. Three work stations with Internet browsing facility have been provided in the library supported on 64 Kbps Leased Line.
3. In addition IHS has an institutional membership of the British library and the Indo American Centre for International Studies (old name ASRC). The British library is within walking distance.
4. IHS uses the MEDLARS service provided by the National Informatics Centre, Hyderabad for online searches of medical literature bibliographic databases. The NIC GISTNIC and MEDLARS service points are at a walking distance.


Conference facility:

1. Two air-conditioned conference halls (Lecture Hall & Symposium Hall) which can accommodate up to 50 participants with audio-visual teaching aids, LCD projection facility etc. are a part of the institute. Air-conditioned board room facility for small gatherings and meetings which can accommodate 15 persons. Spacious lounges and lobby for the participants/guests/visitors to share and interact. 


Telecommunication facility: 
1. Separate voice telephone lines are provided for incoming and outgoing calls respectively. Dedicated incoming voice line means for clients to get faster access to IHS faculty and staff.
2. A dedicated fax line with uninterrupted power supply is maintained to facilitate speedy and reliable facsimile communication.



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