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MCR HRD Institute Hyderabad: 83rd Foundation Course for Central Civil Service Officers,
22nd October, 2009
Prasanta Mahapatra
Competence in Training Public Health Professionals: Role of the Institute of Health Systems , Hyderabad.  Mapping Training Institutions for Health Department-GoAP, Family Health International (FHI) and ASCI, Hyderabad,
18th February, 2009
Immaculate Mary
The Invisible Urban Poor Living in the Streets of Chennai: Challenges to Human Development. National conference on Challenges in Human Development in India,    Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum,
24th- 25th January, 2009
Immaculate Mary
Protecting Children from Substance Abuse Problems for Meaningful Achievement of Millennium Development Goals.
International Conference on Millennium Development Goals and Child Protection,Dyuti-2009-Rajagiri College of Social sciences, Kerala, 
6th-8th January, 2009
Immaculate Mary
Understanding the Issue of Human Trafficking in the Context of Hijra and Kothi Community in India.

National Consultation on Human Trafficking and Law. Human Rights Law Network, New Delhi, Mumbai, 
22nd-23rd December, 2008

Immaculate Mary



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