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Health Financing in India : Taking Stock and   Moving Forward


Wide ranging reforms is underway in the Indian health sector under the National Rural Health Mission. Several States are implementing or planning state specific reforms. Sustainability of these reforms is linked to financing options available. A clear priority for national and state governments is establishing financing mechanisms which will help alleviate the high burden of out of pocket expenditure on health which falls disproportionately on the poor. Generating evidence to support decision making in this endeavor is a critical need.

Researchers based in institutions in different parts of the country have contributed greatly in improving our understanding regarding contribution of various financing sources, flow of funds within the health sector, expenditure on drugs, costing of services and different financing models including health insurance. However, there have not been many opportunities to pool this varied expertise. It was in this context that an expert group on health financing in India was hosted at IHS with financial support from WHO India office.    

The broad contours of the agenda and setting of the expert group meeting emerged through the informal discussions among the health financing professionals. The following objectives were set for the meeting:

  1. facilitate information sharing and pooling of evidence on health financing in India.

  2. identify priority areas in health financing of the country which requires more rigorous study.

  3. provide the government with actionable recommendations on health financing priorities, policy options and models.

  4. explore setting up a common platform for pooling expertise within the country and ways of working together.


Report of the Expert Group



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