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Gap Analysis in Rural Health Care Institutions in Mahabubnagar District

The Institute of Health Systems (IHS) has been commissioned by the Earth Institute, Columbia University to conduct a study on Gap Analysis in Rural Health Care Institutions in Mahabubnagar district.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GoI has launched Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health (RMNCH+A) Strategy for facilitating the achievement of the MDGs and 12th five year Plan goals in the reduction of Maternal and Infant mortality. RMNCH+A is a managerial framework for achieving the reduction of the Maternal and Infant mortality in the country and this was based on the response on Call to Action. The major components under the RMNCH+A are 1) Skilled Care for Labor and Delivery 2) Early and Special Newborn Care 3) Birth Spacing particularly on interval IUCD and PPIUCD, and Social marketing of FP methods through ASHA 4) High Impact Intervention: Pneumonia and
Childhood Diarrhea 5) Immunization 6) Nutritional particularly on Facility Based management of SAM children and community based management of MAM and 7) Adolescent health especially iron deficiency Anemia. The Support of RMNCH+A will be in the area of Robust planning, Human Resources, Capacity Building, Programme monitoring, Supportive supervision, Financial management, Innovation, building network of technical institutions and State Drug Management information system.

State lead partners have been identified in 29 states to facilitate the roll out of the RMNCH+A in partnership with other Development partners and Health Department. Columbia University is the Development Partner for the Mahabubnagar District.

IHS has selected the study units by following multi stage random sampling technique. The field investigators have been recruited, training imparted, including pilot study at Balanagar PHC in Mahabubnagar district. The study has been started on 21st Jan 2014. After a week of the study, the debriefing session was conducted on 27th Jan 2014. Presently the field study is in full swing in Mahabubnagar district.



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