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The Long Journey To Land for IHS Campus.


F    Founded, in 1990, with a vision to develop as a top class institution for health systems research and public health capacity development in India.


F    Operated from rented premises to focus on development of human resources and applied health system research.


F     Presently located in HACA Bhavan, Opp Public Gardens, Hyd.


F     IHS has built up an impressive track record in health system research, public health policy studies, and development of human resources for public health.


F     1998 June 24: IHS applied to Collector Hyd., for a piece of surplus land located in Somajiguda area, in TS No.16/Plot, Ward No.87, Block-F, Ameerpet Mandal. The proposal was followed-up with the Collector Hyderabad on various occasions such as 8/11/99, 14/5/03, and 21/5/03. By May, 2003 it became clear that the proposed land in Hyderabad district would not be available.


F     2004 Feb: Applied to Collector Ranga Reddy for allottment of land for the IHS Campus.


F     2005 July 20: Applied for Ac8.00 Gachibowli village SNo. 136/Part.


F     2005 Aug 22: Collector RR , recommended for alienation of Ac7.00 in Survey Number 136 of Gachibowli Village, Serlingampally Mandal.


F    The prevailing market value of the land was estimated at Rs1.75crores per acre. However, considering that the IHS is serving a noble cause by striving to build local expertise in public health, and past precedents, the Collector RR recommended for alienation of land at concessional rate.


F  The proposal remained under consideration of the Government for about two years. Eventually, the state Government decided to allot the land for a group of private hospitals.


F     2008 July 5: IHS board members called on the Chief Minister and requested allottment of alternate land for IHS campus at concessional rate. The Chief Minister instructed IHS to identify alternate land outside the Outer Ring Road. Accordingly, the Institute, identified an extent of Ac16.00 in Survey No.16/P of Gandipet village.


F     2008 Aug 2: IHS submitted a request to the Chief Minister for alienation of the land in Gandipet village. On 2/9/08 Government instructed Collector Ranga Reddy to examine the IHS report and furnish a detailed report to the government through the Chief Commissioner Land Administration.


F     2008 Oct 10: Collector RR recommended alienation of Ac16.00 in Survey No.16/P of Gandipet village to the IHS.


F    The Collector reported that the market value in the area was Rs1500/- per square yard and Rs29.05lakhs per acre and that prevailing market value is Rs3000/- per square yard. However, the Collector Ranga Reddy recommended for alienation of land at concessional rate, considering the fact that the Institute is serving a noble cause by striving to build expertise in the realm of public health for developing a world class college of public health. The Collector further reported that in the past there has been precedents of land assignement at concessional rates to such institutions.


F     On 30/10/09, the Institute represented to the Chief Commissioner Land Administration (CCLA) citing specific instances of alienation of government land to charitable institutions and requesting for allottment of land at concessional rate.


F     2008 Nov 14: The Empowered Committee asked for consent of the Grama Panchayat and clarification if the land is covered under GOMs111, which prohibits polluting industries on the upstream of the Osmansagar.


F    The Collector RR District, furnished Gandipet Grama Panchayat’s resolution agreeing for alienation of land to IHS and also clarified that the proposed land does not come under the purview of GOMS111 MA&UD dept. Dt. 8/3/96.


F     2009 Jan 6: The Principal Secretary Municipal Administration & Urban Development Departmant informed the CCLA that the site under reference in SNo.16/P of Gandipet village proposed for IHS is located outside 1/2 Km buffer zone of Osmansagar lake on downstream side and hence, there is no objection for alienation of the land to IHS.


F     2009 Jan 24: The IHS submitted a representation reiterating the request for consideration of concessional rates.


F    2009 Jan 24:  The Empowered Committee recommended alienation of the proposed land to IHS @ Rs1500/- per square yeard & Rs29.05 lakhs subject to change of land use classification by the MA&UD department.


F    Board members of the Institute called on the Revenue Minister and the Finance Minister and apprised them about the activities of the Institute, about the proposal for development of a world class college of public health and requested for allottment of land at concessional rate.


F    2009 Feb 13: The Council of Ministers, approved the proposal for alienation of land to the IHS. Government at a concessional rate of Rs10lakhs per acre.


F     2009 Feb 21: Revenue department of the Government issued GOMs260 alienating Ac16.00 in SNo.16/P of Gandipet village on payment of Rs10lakh per acre, and subject to change of land use classification by the MA&UD department.


F    2009 Feb 28: The Institute applied to the Principal Secretary MA&UD department requesting for change of land use.


F   2009 March 3: Government called for remarks of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).


F    2009 March 18: The HMDA asked  IHS to deposit processing charges, and furnish location plans, photographs etc.

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