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Family Health Protection Plans for India - A Health Insurance Model

The Government of India (GOI), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Family Welfare commissioned the IHS to develop a Family Welfare Linked Health Insurance Policy. In the course of developing the policy and reviewing health insurance literature from various countries, we realized that developing a health insurance policy limited to acceptors of permanent family planning methods (sterilization) may not be ideal. Hence the policy is developed as a " Community Health Insurance based Family Protection Plan" (CHIFHP), which is open for all individuals in India.

The proposal has been submitted to the GOI. Click here to view full proposal. The proposal gives details of about the Population Coverage, benefit package and entitlement to benefits (Click here to view a model policy), delivery of health services to the insured persons, provider payment mechanisms, premium structure and finally the financing mechanism. Click here to view highlights of the policy recommendations.

Download the presentation in PDF.

Click here to view the presentation made by Dr. Prasanta Mahapatra on community Health Insurance based Family Protection Plans.




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