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Exploratory Survey of Bottled Water Plants in Hyderabad.

The Institute of Health Systems, submitted the project proposal for "Survey of bottled water plants in Hyderabad", where in it was stated that there is a need to study the bottled water in Hyderabad to characterise commercial small bottled water plants of small in nature is provisionally defined as plants about 1000 litres per hour capacity. This survey will help fine tune this definition. The following points are the work plan of the IHS towards the project

Study Objectives
1.To characterize sources of raw water, assess quality and estimate their relative contribution.
2.To Observe describe prevalent technology bottled water production and quality assurance process in Hyderabad.

3.To observe the sanitary conditions of prevalent bottled water production process and identify systemic deficiencies that may affect the quality of final product.

4.To assess the quality of feed and treated water.

5.To document prevalent practices for disposal of reject water and potential for utilization & conservation.

1.The Principal Investigator and Water Safety Surveyors, will visitfew plants (5 plants) to understand the production process, prevailing sanitary conditions, operations, and maintenance etc .. \ survey form will be designed, and water safety surveyors will be trained based on insights gained from these preliminary visits.

2.A simple random sample of 30 small commercial bottled water plants drawn from the list provided by the Metro Water Board will he taken up for the survey.

3.Trained Water Safety Surveyors will visit the selected plants, seek informed consent of plant Operators management, observe, and gather information from the key informant about production process.

4.Survey data will be analyzed by quantitative and qualitative methods.



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