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Behavioural Tracking Survey (BTS) among high risk groups in Guntur and Srikakulam Districts of Andhra Pradesh (On going):

            HLFPPT has commissioned the IHS to conduct Behavioural Tracking Survey (BTS) as part of the BMGF sponsored Avahan project that implements HIV prevention program focusing on HRGs and their clients. The BTS is being conducted in two coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh viz., Guntur and Srikakulam covering 800 FSW and 400 MSM groups. BTS provides a unique opportunity to measure the change in degree of community mobilization among HRGs. The main purpose of BTS is to track behaviour change in key populations over time and inform on the community mobilization and advocacy efforts of Avahan. The behavioural outcomes of interest are those related to sexual practices, condom use, drug injecting practices, program exposure and community mobilization and advocacy, which have a bearing on the prevention of HIV and other STIs. The field work was completed. The analysis and report preparation is expected to be completed by the end of August, 2011.            



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