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Availability of Medical Officers in Primary Health Centers (PHCs) of AP

                This study seeks to measure operational availability and job satisfaction of Medical Officers in Primary Health Centers (PHCs) of AP. The study stems from an earlier project "Assessment of Critical Gaps in Rural Health Infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh" which suggested that policy relevant variables like distance of the doctor's residence and private practice may affect operational availability. But the small sample size of that study did not allow for precise estimation of these effects.The sample for this study consists of 186 PHCs in 22 districts and 9 ITDAs of Andhra Pradesh. Six PHCs have been randomly selected from each ITDA, and another six PHCs were randomly selected from each district after excluding the ITDA areas.The data collection instruments were rigorously field tested and revised with the insights gained from the field work. The field work was completed and the report was submittted in January 2011. It was found that, doctors who are staying with in 20 km distance from PHCs are attending to their duties most of the days in a week. The private practice is found not to be a contributing factor to doctors absence. Accordingly policy recommendations were made to Goverenment of Andhra Pradesh to revise the HR policy for health in AP. The study was commissioned by Department of Planning, Governement of AP .



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