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Dr. Miguel G Block of Alliance for Health Policy & Systems Research visits IHS

Dr. Miguel Gonzalez-Block, Manager, Alliance for Health Policy & Systems Research (AHPSR), visited the Institute on 27/03/2003 at 5:30 PM. Dr. Gonzalez-Block was in Hyderabad in connection with the workshop titled ‘Strengthening Capacity for Health Research to Policy in India’ conducted by the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI). Two IHS faculty members also attended the workshop

Dr. Gonzalez-Block went around the campus and saw the facilities in the Institute. This was followed by an interactive session in the Lecture Hall. During the session, all IHS faculty and staff introduced themselves and spoke about the different areas of work in which they are currently involved. Dr. Gonzalez-Block congratulated IHS at the efforts being made to build capacity in the areas of Health Systems Policy and Research. He also commended the depth of work being done by the IHS in the area of Health Informatics. IHS Director, Dr. Prasanta Mahapatra, thanked Dr. Gonzalez-Block for spending his valuable time, and looked forward to a continuing relationship with the HPSR Alliance.


   Dr. Mahapatra and Dr.Miguel Gonzalez- Block posing at the Institute gate

                Dr. Block with the IHS Faculty  


                Dr. Mahapatra introducing Dr.Miguel   Gonzalez-Block to IHS Staff in Lecture hall

      A View of IHS staff during interaction with       Dr. Miguel Gonzalez-Block 


             Dr. Block addressing the gathering after     being introduced all IHS staff       

 Dr. Block appreciating research work in the IHS


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